Wedding Markets, here we come!

Phew! The wedding season has come to an end. After a (very) short breather, we are amping up for the Wedding Market season. Two of our favorites that we are prepping/planning out are the La Crosse Bridal Expo and the Winneshiek Wedding Market.

The La Crosse Bridal Expo is held  this year on January 15, 2017 at the La Crosse Center South Hall from 10 – 2:30pm . Great vendors, great talent on display, and a great vibe throughout. Plus there are free (CAKE!) samples. Check out the fashion show at 1:30 (check out our chandelier photos from last years show). Free tickets are available now on their website.

The Winneshiek Wedding Market is held annually at the fabulous Hotel Winneshiek in Decorah. This year’s event is on January 29, 2017. Area vendors, artisans, and event planners are on-hand to nail it! My personal favorite – yes – the popcorn samples from Pinter’s. Can’t get enough. Admission is free, monitor updates and door prizes on their FB page.

We’re excited to unveil our new large furniture pieces, harvest tables, and great new items ready for 2017. If you can’t make these shows, monitor our site for updates.

Happy Planning!!

– Clint & Megen

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